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Hi, I'm Stella and music makes me happy

Ever since I was a little girl, I remember myself singing all the time. I was singing in choirs, coverbands or just in the shower. 

I found myself surrounded by friends who made their own music. That made me feel like that was something that I wanted to do myself. But somehow I was afraid of making music on my own. I worried that my lyrics would be stupid or that my vocal lines wouldn’t be interesting enough. 

Luckily I am blessed with sweet musical friends who helped me to create my own music. I wrote my own songs or worked together with other songwriters to finish my ideas. I feel that writing music with others makes my songs stronger and even more creative. I learned that It’s okay to get help. That gave me the confidence to go for it and release my own music. 

And I’m really proud of the result: multiple awesome songs and some kick-ass music videos. 

Let’s keep on creating!



For contact, mail me at info [at] stellawarden [dot] com