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About Stella Warden

Sweet little 5 years old Stella Warden kept begging her parents to join the church choir. Although she was a bit too young, she was allowed to join and never stopped singing since that day.

Her parents listened to old school country music. Stella didn’t like it at the time. It was only later in her life that she started to appreciate what her parents taught her. Now it’s one of the fundamentals for her own songs.

Stella Warden writes and performs up-tempo country pop and sweet guitar songs. Inspired by well-known Nasvhille acts like Lady Antebellum, Maren Morris and Kacey Musgraves.

In 2018 Stella Warden released her first two singles and music videos: ‘Silence is Golden’ and ‘Kiss Me’. In 2019 you’ll find Stella Warden on stage with her band promoting her new single ‘Kites’.

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