Living room concerts to make you feel at home

A living room concert with Stella will give you more than just songs. Stella’s music comes from a deep personal feeling. These concerts are designed to make you feel too. At home. And if you feel like it, we can have a conversations about how we feel. Nothing heavy, just sharing, listening.

About these concerts

I was raised in a warm and loving family, but I didn’t really learn to be honest about my feelings and give those feelings and thoughts the space it needed. My living room concerts aim to resonate with listeners on a deeply personal level, shedding light on the everyday moments, good or bad, that make life significant. With my music, I try to inspire others to embrace their own journey and step out of their shell.

At these concerts, I’ll come to your living room and play a 45 minute acoustic set. Meanwhile we will have a little conversation with your friends and family that are invited about how we feel and why. I’d love to create a place where we feel safe to open up, and just feel a little bit better at the end of the run.

What to arrange

I will bring all the necessary music equipment (it won’t be loud). You invite your friends and family and arrange some drinks. We will discuss all further details along the way.


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